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The Excitement of Fresh 15

Posted by Social Media on 30/11/2015 6:35:01 PM

PSC’s Fresh 15 exhibition launch on 20th November proved to be a successful event, as 13 of our Advanced Diploma art major students felt proud to see their hard work presented in such a magnificent manner.

20151120_0742 Image: Benjamin Pedrochi


The group of students (now rightfully deemed as distinguished emerging artists in the photography industry) comprised of Sean Meaney, Ebony Finck, Elena D San Roman, Elma Gradascevic, Gabriella Cigana, Jonathan Carmichael, Joanne Creedon, Lachie Hill, Lloyd Pereira, Sarah Maslankiewiczs, Todd Hunter, Vicki Moritz.

Fresh 15 marks an incredible achievement for our Advanced Diploma students (2015). Here are a few thoughts from the evening:

“The exhibition is a tribute to the hard work of the students. It is a result of their dedication and the culmination of the staff’s contribution towards honing their talents. The Fresh 15 students have passed on their gift of creativity to all those who visit the exhibition.”  - Julie Moss (Managing Director, PSC)

20151120_0621 Image: Benjamin Pedrochi


Students were grateful for the support and encouragement they received from their teacher, Sarina Lirosi.  Lloyd Pereira (one of the exhibiting students) spoke about the remarkable efforts of Sarina, who played a major role in the journey of our students.

“Sarina inherited a group of diverse individuals and we all had our own little ideas. We didn’t know what was going to happen with them. She helped us to develop our ideas and ambitions, protecting it each step of the way. Whenever we had technical issues, or when life got in the way, she helped us through them.  We’ve learnt so much creativity over the course of this year.”- Lloyd Pereira

Lloyd Pereira at Fresh 15 Opening Lloyd Pereira at Fresh 15 Opening. Image: Daniel Pockett

“It’s great to see the work of my students exhibited. They’re incredibly passionate about what they do. Fresh 15 is a celebration of that. It was important for me to let my students define their own style. I did push them along the way, but I also took a step back to let them discover who they were as artists. The diversity in the work exhibited at Fresh 15 is testament to their individuality.” – Sarina Lirosi

Sarina Lirosi Sarina Lirosi. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

Students felt a sense of fulfilment knowing that the journey of being at PSC allowed their work to be realised by the outside world.

The Fresh 15 Group The Fresh 15 Group. Image: Benjamin Pedrochi

The Fresh 15 exhibition will be open from November 21 – December 6, Wednesday to Sunday (12 – 5pm). Come by for some inspiration and a chance to meet PSC graduates.


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