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"I live in the countryside, in a place called Nug Nug which is in the North East of Victoria. I’m currently doing my Advanced Diploma in photography at PSC – as I’ve always loved photography. For someone who has been telling her children that they can do anything they want to, I thought it was time I took up the opportunity to pursue my passion."

Anne McCallum is in her first year at PSC and is finally honing her creativity in the arts. She describes her inclination towards photography as something that was passed down to her by her mother who was a singing teacher and artist, and her father who ‘always had a camera in his hand’.

Image by Anne McCallum

After years of working in a variety of industries such as nursing, hospitality and retail, Anne has recently been exploring her interest in visual communications and image making. As a result of her quest for finding an environment which would help develop her artistry, Anne researched schools in Victoria and visited PSC.

“I looked at a few places but just kept coming back to PSC. The atmosphere is so welcoming and friendly, that I felt inspired to jump into the deep end and take up full time studies here. Now that I’ve started, the tutors are very nurturing and they want you to do the best you can do.”

Despite having a busy lifestyle and being the mother of five, Anne listened to her heart and made a commitment of travelling down to Melbourne for her classes. The lifestyle of moving back and forth between places isn’t new to her. Ever since she left Scotland as a child to reside in Australia, she has been travelling all over the region which has made her extremely adaptive.

Image by Anne McCallum Image by Anne McCallum

After her first semester at PSC, Anne has found a deep interest in still life photography. She enjoys trying out a range of lighting techniques, in natural environments and at the PSC studio.

"It’s been a very interesting semester and I have enjoyed a steep learning curve, as the course is very practical and challenging in a good way. The experience of learning here is so diverse, giving you a wide range of genres in photography to explore. The major lesson I’ve learnt is that it’s important to believe in yourself. I was initially worried about ‘not reaching the standards’, but I’ve overcome that since being here. I now feel like there’s nothing I can’t achieve."

Come to PSC Open Day and meet Anne, who will be happy to discuss her experience with you and offer you insights about studying photography. Anne and her husband currently host the Nug Nug Wah Homestead, which you can check out here, you can also follow Anne on her exciting Instagram channel @nug_nug_wah_homestead. Feel free to contact us and learn more about our full time options.

Image by Anne McCallum Image by Anne McCallum

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