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Busting the myth: There are no jobs in photography?

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We would like to focus on a phrase that we at PSC have all heard before. You may have been told this from an influencer in your life or you may have even said it yourself, “there are no jobs in photography”. Or, “there is no stability in a career as a creative.” So, we thought it was about time that we bust this myth wide open...


The cold hard facts…

Australia’s creative and digital industries – of which photography is an integral part – are two of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. Creative and digital industries represent $90 billion to the economy and employ over 6.2% of the Australian workforce, which is more than mining and agriculture (source: 

In 2017, 15 700 people were employed in the photography industry alone. Of those, 57.8% of those jobs were in a full-time capacity. This does not include freelance photographers that may have also received the equivalent of a full-time workload. The job outlook website states that the photography industry as a growing sector and predicts there to be significant job growth in the next 5 years.



Visual imagery is connected to every part of our daily life, images are everywhere and central to contemporary culture and society. At PSC, we know that images, visual content and photography are where the jobs are and will be!


How PSC gets you ready for a sustainable career…

Real world ‘jobs’ and involvement

Students become part of an active PSC employment register, which matches students to jobs based on experience and abilities. This provides students with real opportunities to gain valuable contacts and experience in the profession. Many PSC Alumni have gained ongoing employment through this register.


           “Just after graduating I received an offer for full time employment as a studio product photographer for a large homewares company. I saw the job on the PSC job register and thought to myself it would be a great opportunity. The strength of my portfolio managed to secure me a trial and my experiences in studio photography that I had developed at PSC helped me to do well” – Michael Foxington | PSC Graduate



Final year industry mentor program – building networks and contacts

Building a network of external mentors and industry contacts is often a pathway to employment, jobs and a deeper connection within the creative industries. In our extensive and unique mentor program, PSC students work with local, national and international photographers, videographers, image makers and creatives to build those networks and contacts. This is an extremely successful program that PSC delivered over many years. It is hugely successful in building networks and providing tangible job outcomes.


"The mentoriship program was inspirational because it gave you a connection with someone in the industry whose work you respected. They helped me shape my own work by giving me an outsiders perspective into my process. Through the program I was given tips on how to present my work and how to better network in order to further my career." - Sophie Gabrielle | PSC Graduate


More final year industry networks and connections

To further foster industry knowledge and connections in final year, students become a member of the peak industry body – the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). Students enter their annual awards, providing them with tangible industry feedback and measurement of their work against current industry standards.

Throughout the course students are required to make their work highly visible by regularly submitting work for other awards, publications and having prepared social media and online presence.


Kick starting a photography career with real world entrepreneurial and marketing subjects

Students learn to be highly visually and digitally literate, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial during the course. These important capabilities are an integral part of building real world and career outcomes. In the final year, students undertake business and marketing, design and media subjects that emphasise entrepreneurial, business, marketing plans and website design. These subjects ensure that students engage with their career goals as they focus on building their brand.


“The business units were very helpful as we were taught to create a business plan, set up a website, register a business name, set up an ABN, learn to quote and invoice ect. It gave me confidence to start my own business.” – Taylor-Ferne Morris | PSC Graduate



The Creative Industries are booming, with images and visual content everywhere and we have no doubt that our students’ future careers as professional image makers are bright!


“I’m very confident of my future career prospects. The creative industry is strong, with many avenues to pursue. I think success is a matter of identifying what you want and working hard to achieve it” – Farley Webb | Current PSC student




The possibilities are endless….


Applications are now open for our 2019 intake. If you would like to learn more about where a career in photography could take you, then feel free to contact our Future Student Coordinator, Daniel Fischer on 03 9682 3191 or


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