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DREAM WITH PSC Winners Announced

Posted by Lindy Smith on 14 December 2020 3:50:00 PM
Lindy Smith


Dream With PSC 2020 Judges
Judges from left to right: PSC Bachelor of Photography Student Kiyan Ahmadizadeh, Ted's Cameras Professional & Retail Sales Consultant for Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania Teresa Marino, and PSC Dean of Photography Studies Daniel Boetker-Smith.

This year Photography Studies College (PSC) in partnership with Ted’s Cameras held its annual “Dream With PSC” Photography Competition for Victorian year 11 and 12 senior secondary school students. This competition provided an opportunity for students to create a ‘dream image’ that was seen by a national and international audience.

Images entered into the competition needed to have a title and written description, which explained the image’s connection to the theme of 'Dreams'. They were required to be photographic in form, with students encouraged to get as creative as they could and let their 'dreams run wild!'

PSC Managing Director, Julie Moss said that the competition was a way to inspire young people to embrace photography as a positive way of expressing themselves.

“2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but especially for senior secondary school students who have found their final years of study being disrupted by COVID-19. Running this competition was our way of encouraging students not to lose sight of their dreams and to look to the future,” said Julie.

This year’s competition attracted over 60 entries across 53 Victorian schools and had three categories, with the winners announced today.


Kylie Mburu, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College

View the winning entry and highly commended here

PSC Dean of Photography Studies Daniel Boetker-Smith said that the judges went through and discussed each entry and were struck by the quality and diversity of the submissions.

"The stunning visuals and in-depth stories made the shortlisting and selecting a very difficult process.

Kylie Mburu’s image stood out and was selected unanimously by the judges – the image is powerful and simple, and it deals with the complex issue of race with a dream-like palette of golden light. The use of a cinematic aesthetic works wonderfully, and the image looks like a still from a film we all want to see," Daniel said.

The final two awards announced are:


Kasra Babaei, Ashwood High School

View the winning entry and the top 10 here


Brighton Secondary College

View here

PSC would like to thank all those that participated in the 2020 "Dream With PSC" photography competition, your efforts are impressive. We'd also like to acknowledge the following judges who generously provided their time. 

PSC Dean of Photography Studies

Ted's Cameras Professional & Retail Sales Consultant for Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania

PSC Bachelor of Photography Student

For further information, phone (03) 9682 3191 or email


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