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How Studying Photography Is Helping Me With My Graphic Design Business

Posted by Social Media on 3 January 2020 5:30:00 PM
PSC's part time Advanced Diploma student Jacqueline Hunt, decided she wanted to take her photography and video skills to the next level. Not only has the course been a great creative outlet for her, but it's also enabled her to add value to her graphic design business. Read about how she is evolving from being just an image maker to a visual communicator, the plethora of new skills she is learning and what she is looking forward to studying next semester. 
Image by Jacqueline Hunt.
Why did you decide to study photography?
I actually was interested in studying photography when I first left high school – let’s not say how long ago that was! Instead, I took a completely different track and studied public policy and economics, then went onto a career in those fields. I still loved photography as a hobby and amassed a huge collection of images of my family, friends and travels. A few years ago I decided I wanted to do more with photography - not necessarily professionally, mostly out of interest and curiosity about where I could take it. I researched a number of course options around Melbourne and found that Photography Studies College offered the most sophisticated program. 
What kind of work do you do now?
About five years ago I decided to take a big career change. I had worked in project management focusing on community and environmental issues, but wanted a change in pace as well as the freedom of working for myself. I polished up some outdated skills I had in graphic design and began freelancing. That has become quite a successful business for me. I also occasionally still do short contracts in project management.
Image by Jacqueline Hunt.
How has studying photography helped you with your graphic design business?
Studying at PSC has helped with my design work because the course is about so much more than the technical functions of your camera. In Stage 1 there is a fascinating class about visual design principles, and much of Stage 2 focuses on developing the analytical skills and insight to become a "visual communicator” rather than just an image maker. Stage 3 includes a thought-provoking and illuminating subject on historical and current photographic culture. 
You are also taking a video unit at PSC, tell us about that?
I’ve found that when working in creative industries, it’s valuable to have a few strings to your bow. I’ve loved learning video and adding new camera techniques, directing, editing and producing to my skill set. Video is a very useful skill to have as it is in high demand. I’ve only just finished the unit and am already earning income by shooting video stock footage. I'm also planning to produce a series for social media by further developing a video I created for a class assignment. For that assignment, I interviewed 30 people and asked them the same ten questions. I got to chat to all sorts of people about their lives and stories - it was fascinating and something I’m excited to continue.
Image by Jacqueline Hunt. 
What do you enjoy the most about studying photography at PSC?
I’ve enjoyed that studying has forced me to photograph things I would have never considered myself capable of shooting. Before studying I photographed people mostly and thought that was the limit of my skills. Since beginning at PSC,  I have photographed landscapes, still life, architecture, events, social media content, conceptual pieces and am even getting comfortable working in the studio and with lights (something I have always avoided). When I look back on how many new things I’ve undertaken, it’s pretty cool actually!
Some of my work at PSC has focused on gender as a social construct and how it affects individuals - particularly women’s experiences of living in a very gendered culture. Trying to find a way of visually representing my opinions was a real challenge but a very enriching one as it required me to engage with these ideas in a completely new way. 
Is the Advanced Diploma part time accommodating to your busy lifestyle?
I’ll complete the Advanced Diploma - eventually! I’m taking advantage of how flexible PSC is and am adjusting my study load based on my business needs. PSC is very accomodating of students who already have full lives outside of the course and supports individuals choosing a pace that works for them.
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Image by Jacqueline Hunt.
Would you recommend the Advanced Diploma at PSC?

For all the reasons above, I would recommend the Advanced Diploma. Studying at PSC is such an enriching learning experience. More than that, the college has a wonderfully inclusive culture and a great sense of fun!


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