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After dropping out of his double degree and taking time to figure out his life's passion, Elisey Agarev, realised that his future was in photography. Now a second year Bachelor of Photography student at PSC, he talks about making the right choices, his love of live music event photography, and his plans to gradually gain a foothold in the industry. 



Why didn't you complete the first course you enrolled in?

I was studying commerce and real estate at Deakin. I did it for a few semesters and then I realised it wasn’t what I would like to pursue in life – and then I really tried to just figure out what direction I wanted to move in and where I wanted to work in the future.


So what did you discover about yourself?

 That photography is my passion.




Why did you decide to come to Photography Studies College?

I think this was a perfect place to actually try and make those dreams a reality.


Tell us about your live music event photography?

I’m interested in photographing music events and live festivals. But I'm still at the starting stages, and it’s very difficult to make a breakthrough. So this is another reason why being at Photography Studies College is a great choice. It's the fact that you have an opportunity to network with people in the industry, and really make connections early.



What do you think makes a good live music event photo?

There is an unbelievable energy to music events that’s hard to describe in words, the huge crowds and importantly, the amazing acts. Being in the moment, I try to encompass this through my imagery to give the viewer a sense of this energy and an insights of the experience of being there.


What have you learned from shooting these events?

It’s all about anticipating the right moment and making sure not to miss it when it happens. It’s always good to have some confidence to try a range of shots and angles, because you don’t know which one will turn out best when you review them later. I try and have an idea of the composition and overall shot in mind beforehand, and with a bit of luck, all these elements come together to produce something special.



Now in your second year of the Bachelor of Photography, what has been your experience so far?

The teachers here have an immense amount of knowledge in the industry and are working professionals, which was the tipping point to wanting to do this degree. The overall experience at Photography Studies College is very encouraging for growth and feels like a close community environment, with both teachers and like-minded peers helping push each other to do better every day.


What other types of photography are you interested in?

I’m interested in a variety of photography styles. Hopefully this year I'll be able to narrow down my interests and decide what I would like to specialise in the future. But at the moment I’d like to go potentially into commercial photography including fashion photography and of course music photography. 


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Mid Year Applications Now Open   Bachelor of Photography



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