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"After travelling and growing up as a person, I’m ready to do a degree in photography." Jess Hall loved photography, but thought she could go it alone after high school and teach herself. After travelling and realising how much she still needed to learn she enrolled in a Certificate 4 in Photography at PSC and has now signed up for our Bachelor of Photography 2020.

Read about her photography journey from a country town in England and getting support from her family to pursue her passion and studying with us.

FBHall_Jessica_Website-04Image of Jess Hall
Have you always loved photography?
Photography has always been a large part of growing up for me. I'll always remember having people around taking photos of the events and things we would do as a family and then we would all enjoy going through photo albums and old prints.
Tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born in Solihull, England which is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the country and I moved to Australia with my parents and two younger siblings in 2007. I finished my final years of school at Mentone Girls Secondary College, where my passion for photography increased.
IGcropHall_Jessica_Travel+Page16Image by Jess Hall
How do your parents feel about you choosing photography as a career?
My parents as well as my family in England are so very supportive! Always giving me advice if I needed it, helping me with ideas and executing those ideas.
What did you do when you finished high school?
When I completed high school I travelled the east coast of Australia, mostly between Sydney and Port Douglas. I met some amazing friends along the way and saw some of the most beautiful places I think I have ever seen! While I did that I worked in hospitality and would always be building my portfolio and of course doing what I love. I then moved back to Melbourne in 2014 to go back to study.
IG CroppedElla Hassan-09354
Image by Jess Hall
You're joining our Bachelor of Photography 2020 course this year, why did it take you a while to make this decision to study image making degree?
I started to do my certificate at another college in 2014, which I was very excited to do however between my ego, thinking I was better to learn on my own, and the insecurity I had with asking for help I didn't end up finishing.
Since leaving high school I had my eye on doing a bachelor degree in photography, I think now that I've had time to look back and reflect I needed to grow as a person to be able to know exactly what it was I wanted to do. Since then I'd completed the Certificate IV at Photography Studies College and knew that was what I needed to do, for me.
Image by Jess Hall
What type of photography do you like the most?
I absolutely LOVE portraiture and fashion. Some of my favourite photographers are portrait photographers and I've been inspired by their work.
I also really love to travel which leads to my love of documenting other countries and essentially other people world's. Last year I travelled to Vietnam and being there allowed me to do that, I would listen to stories from the local people and ask if I could take their photograph. I will forever cherish those as memories and I will also have the ability to share those people's stories with friends and family.
Image by Jess Hall
What are some of the highlights about our Bachelors program that you are looking forward to?
I'm really looking forward to the first hand industry knowledge which the tutors have to share, it's their experiences which I know I can learn a lot from and just being able to fine tune my passion for photography.
I'm also super excited about the hands on experiences, in the studio and on location, and just being surrounded by so many creatives who you can learn with and bounce ideas off of. I think it's really important to have such an incredible support unit!

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