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Part time student Stephanie Tuite: Why she's happy to be at PSC

Posted by Mandarine Montgomery on 3 October 2018 7:16:40 PM

Stephanie Tuite started her Part Time photography course this year and when we asked her about her experiences at PSC, she was only too willing to fill us in on what it's like as an older student with a busy lifestyle, deciding to take a leap into the creative world of photography.

What inspires your image ideas?

I love the connection that can happen between photographer and subject. I enjoy the process that evolves with each assignment and I am realising how that process is a massive part of the photography craft. There is an immersive element that I really identify with.

How does studying photography help your photography goals?

Massively! It really opens your eyes up to the vast subject of photography and all the directions you can go. There is no right or wrong. It's very freeing. Also, you can’t help but gain confidence as you are surrounded by people who just want you to succeed!

What do you enjoy most about your Part Time course?

I love being in a friendly, learning environment. I have enthusiastic, skilled professionals leading me on this journey. I also have motivated class mates taking truly fantastic photos and growing as photographers. Its honestly the best decision I ever made! One of the tutors told me recently "Education is a vehicle, but YOU are the driver”. Its very true!

What advise would you give to someone thinking of taking up photography as a career or hobby?

Go for it! Practise as much as possible! The beauty of photography is you can try again and again. It's such a varied form of expression, so you will find a style that will appeal to you and learn so much about yourself in the process.

Tell us about your images...

Image 001;


This is a car park in Melbourne Uni that was also used in the film mad Max (1979). I was drawn to the mushrooming numbered columns and the leading lines of the paint on the ground. The leaves added a nice pop of warm colour to an otherwise harsh environment. The repetition of the lights and columns added a satisfying continuity and sense of order to an almost otherworldly environment. Its an experience down there!

Image 002;


There is no context to this image and that is what I like about it. Where is it? What is the significance of the utensils on the walls? The swirling lines on the wall, small pops of colour and the repetition of those utensils are appealing to me. 

Image 003;


This is the well known photo booth along the side of Flinders Street Station. I like the movement of the man’s hand and how it is amplified by the curtain. I can almost feel the texture! A lucky shot! 

Image 004;


I had spent the evening walking around China Town. It's so vibrant and busy, and I was hoping to be in the right place at the right time for something. In this case, I feel I was! This boy was so expressive and oblivious to me standing right outside. Married with the warm colours and neon reflections, I am proud of this photo. 

Image 005;


I was in Southern Cross among the throng and I noticed this woman sitting in her carriage. The artificial light really exposed her features, not to mention her central placement. I took a few shots and just as the train was about to move off, she looked right at me! 

We wish Stephanie all the best for her photographic journey at PSC.

You can view more of Stephanie's images on instagram:

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