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PSC's Dean of Photography Studies Daniel Boetker-Smith is co-curator of 'Not Standing Still: New Approaches in Documentary Photography' at the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA)PHOTO 2021's headline exhibition. He also recently wrote about Victoria's photography landscape for the British Journal of Photography, a publication he regularly contributes to. 
Image from 'Not Standing Still', courtesy of the MGA

'Not Standing Still: New Approaches in Documentary Photography' is a groundbreaking exhibition introducing Australian audiences to leading photographers from around the world who are making new documentary photography, many never having exhibited in Australia before.

This exhibition places Australian photographers alongside their international contemporaries; spanning 11 countries of origin, these are the photographers who are changing the way we think about photographic storytelling.

151608457_10159125288892899_8785025476951494349_oImage from 'Not Standing Still', courtesy of the MGA

PSC's Dean of Photography Studies Daniel Boeter-Smith is a co-curator of the Photo 2021 headline show at the Monash Gallery of Art (MGA). It is co-curated by former PSC Lecturer and MGA Senior Curator Pipa Milne, and City of Monash Cultural Development and Events Coordinator Gareth Syvret. 

"PSC is delighted to be Education Partner for PHOTO 2021, the biggest photography festival Melbourne has ever seen. We have been working closely with the Festival Director Elias Redstone and his team for the past year in preparation for this massive celebration of photography; and PSC staff and students have been an integral part of the festival program," Daniel Boetker-Smith said.
Image from 'Not Standing Still', courtesy of the MGA
'Not Standing Still' runs till 16 May 2021 – register here.
Also coinciding with PHOTO 2021 Daniel had a story published in the British Journal of Photography on the photography scene in Victoria, which includes work by current Master of Arts Photography and Bachelor of Photography students – as well as staff and industry partners/connections. Read the story here.
Daniel Boetker-Smith Crop
Portrait Daniel-Boetker Smith
Daniel is an educator, writer, curator, publisher, and photographer. He is a regular contributor to the GUP Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, Voices of Photography, Vault, Photoeye, Paper Journal, Heavy, Source, and other Australian and international publications.
Daniel is also the Director of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive, a not-for-profit library of self-published and independent photobooks. He regularly speaks at festivals and symposia internationally on the subject of photobooks, photographic publishing and self-publishing in the Asia-Pacific area.
In addition Daniel has been a judge at numerous international and national photographic competitions. He is also a nominator for the Prix Pictet Prize, World Press Photo, Fuse Book Award and other international competitions. He has curated a number of large international photobook events for the major institutions in Australia and internationally.

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