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  • PSC's Lecturer Dr. Hoda Afshar Featured in '50 Pioneers Defining Photography for the 21 Century' Book

PSC's Master of Arts Photography and Bachelor of Photography lecturer Dr. Hoda Afshar has been named and featured among 50 pioneers defining photography for the 21 century in a new book. 


Hoda is featured alongside the world's most iconic photographers including Wolfgang Tillmans, Martin Parr, Cindy Sherman, Hassan Hajjaj and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Their styles, formats, and interpretations of the medium vary widely, but in each case, the work featured in this book represents photography doing what it has always done best: finding new ways to tell stories, and new stories to tell.

The book is authored by Charlotte Jansen, and published by Hachette Book Group and Tate Publishing. 

Learn more about the book  'Photography Now: Fifty Pioneers Defining Photography for the Twenty-First Century here.



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