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Final Year BA Student Sally Kaack on Creating with freedom

Posted by Social Media on 10/10/2018 4:54:00 PM

We caught up with  final year BA student, Sally Kaack in between preparing for her final folio and getting the wheels in motion for the end of year graduate year exhibition, "INLIGHT" scheduled for November! We asked Sally a few questions about her journey to date.



Was photography the only thing you were considering to study? Or did you have other options in mind?
No, I was actually considering accounting. I previously trained at the Australian Ballet School, where I didn’t get a chance to take many ‘normal subjects’ such as maths, science etc. so I didn’t actually know what was out there. There are a few accountants in my family so it was a career I was familiar with. I also considered going into physiotherapy, as it was another career path I was familiar with, but I realised that dislocated knees make me feel really uneasy! 


What made you decide to choose photography?
I decided on  photography because there are a few (commercial) photographers in my family that have inspired me and it was something I really enjoyed  I didn’t realise photography could be so  artistic and creative , I always thought of photography in the commercial advertising sense. When I realised that I could make art with a camera is when I decided that photography was for me.


 What did your parents think about your decisions to studying photography? Were they supportive?
My Mum has always been supportive of whatever I choose to endeavour. My Dad is always a little more apprehensive and sceptical, however both value my happiness as the most important thing.


Tell us, how was your interview experience at PSC?
The interview process was very comfortable. It was a great chance for me to meet the lecturer and share my photography and ask questions. I was naturally very nervous but realised I had wasted a lot of adrenaline worrying! 

What type of photographer do you aspire to be?
I’m currently in the art major, so I’d like to be a fine art photographer. I really enjoy the research process, and reading into other artists’ conceptual and philosophical ideas. 

workinprogress copy


What do you enjoy about studying at PSC?
As is, with the nature of art, there’s always trial and error. The school has a very comfortable and supportive environment, so I don’t fear making mistakes. It’s really exciting to be surrounded by lecturers who are very respected within the photographic community,  it’s really inspiring to see their names appear in research papers or journals as well!


What has been rewarding for you?
It's been so rewarding seeing myself grow in so many ways. I have come to realise it's actually about the person that creates great images and not the equipment . I now appreciate that the technical skills are equally as important as each other. I'm also enjoying the freedom to create with my photography unlike my ballet life where everything was so strict and formal.


If you could give your pre PSC self one piece of advice, what would that be?
Trust yourself, and be humble.


What your next goal after graduating?
I am excited to keep exploring my art photography further and eventually I'd like to do my Masters.


Applications are now open for our 2019 intake. If you would like to learn more about where a career in photography could take you, then feel free to contact our Future Student Coordinator, Daniel Fischer on 03 9682 3191 or

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