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First Year student Jacob Pattison | Why he decided to transfer Universities to study what he loves!

Posted by Social Media on 15/10/2018 5:23:00 PM


We sat down with current first-year student Jacob Pattison to have a chat about why he decided to transfer universities to study something he loves. 


Did you study photography or media at school?

I didn’t actually study art or media subjects at Secondary school. I always enjoyed photography especially photojournalism. I took up photography on my own initiative, learning bit by bit and experimenting.

What were you hoping to study when you left school?

After leaving school I actually went and studied a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at a public university. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the course and always loved photography. So after 6 months I decided to follow my passion. I withdrew from my course and started researching different photography courses.

So you were looking at a few different options for photography?

Yes, I was looking into PSC and a public university that offers photography. I was originally wanting to do a Bachelor of Arts and minoring in photography, but then decided that I wanted to purely focus on photography. I knew if I really wanted to emerge myself in the industry then doing a Bachelor of Arts, with photography as a minor probably wouldn't be enough.
Is that why you chose to study at PSC?

Yes, but also because I have a friend who was a graduate and had since had a successful career as a commercial photographer, which I was really inspired by. I also liked that it was a much more intimate environment and had really small class room sizes. 


How was the interview experience for you?

I actually felt quite nervous in the interview. I guess not knowing what to expect made me feel that way but after a while I relaxed (a little bit). The lecturer who interviewed me was really great and knowledgeable.

And what creative work did you bring in with you?

My friend who had advised me about the course helped mentor me with the photography I had created over the year. So I bought in a collection of prints to show and talk about.

Were your parents supportive?

My parents were surprisingly supportive despite my decision to leave the other degree. I was really worried about that, but of course your parents just want you to be happy.

How was your first few weeks as a PSC student?

It was actually very welcoming! Having started the other Bachelor previously, it was a completely different experience this time around. The college has a nice communal atmosphere because it is a smaller school. Everyone is easy to get along with. The lecturers are very friendly and approachable, which was really refreshing. 

Have you considered your photography major yet?

I really enjoy documentary photography as well as the art photography side, so I hope to somehow combine both. It's great being able to explore the different avenues of photography.


What's been a highlight for you so far?

I've really enjoyed the visual thinking aspect and understanding the power of the image both descriptively and interpretively; being able to convey a message through photography.

What are you working on at the moment?

A Self-portrait. The first creative series as a class assignment made me aware that I am capable of making creative pieces in a confronting manner, which gave me the confidence to explore things more creatively.

What would you tell your year 12 self?

Follow your passion and do what you love!


At PSC we believe that photography is an exciting medium, offering endless possibilities and discoveries! 
Follow your passion and study what YOU love.
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