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Printing For Australia's Big Photography Awards and Major Exhibitions

Posted by Social Media on 10 October 2019 4:30:00 PM


Working with several finalists of Monash Gallery of Art's $30,000 Bowness Photography Prize and the Iris Award at the Perth Centre for Photography,  The PrintShop at PSC  is vibrating with a kind of energy and excitement that we can't get enough of! Here are some highlights of prints we've worked on, over the past couple of months, within our beautiful and talented community.


Image of PSC's tutor Roland Dempster who is a finalist for the Iris Award at the Perth Centre for Photography.



We have worked with several finalists of The Bowness Photography Prize, which includes PSC's tutors, graduates and students. The winner will be announced tonight at The Monash Gallery of Art (MGA). As most of you may know, printing can be a challenging and delicate process – and some projects require more refining than others to get to that perfect result that we master here.



Katrin Koenning, a former PSC tutor, is a finalist for the Bowness Photography Prize.



Katrin Koenning’s seemingly effortless print for the Bowness Prize required the utmost accuracy of skills to translate this beautiful narrative in colour on this snowy landscape. Katrin’s voice, as equally subtle and powerful, shines through visually.  Peter Hatzipavlis (The PrintShop's master printer)  and Katrin (a former PSC tutor) worked side by side to get it right and the result is stunning!



Print for PSC's student Melissa Stewart


We also had the privilege of working with PSC's tutor Roland Dempster who is a finalist for the Iris Award held at The Perth Centre for Photography. The winner will be announced on 18 October, which is the exhibitions opening night. In between projects for prizes, we print for exciting major exhibitions and on campus constant work. We've seen some really impressive work from our students including Melissa Stewart whose print is pictured above. She's been printing with us all throughout her studies and career development as a photographer and we're happy to see her thriving.



Dr Kristian Häggblom, PSC's Master of Arts Convenor,  with his BIFB series  ‘Aokigahara Jukia’.


The Ballarat International Foto Biennale (BIFB), going strong right now, saw us working with some incomparable talents. Dr Kristian Häggblom, PSC's Master of Arts Convenor, printed his series on the Japanese forest ‘Aokigahara Jukia’, which is currently being exhibited. He documented a forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan over a span of nearly two decades.  Also we did prints for Zoë Croggon whose intricate practice melds photography and collages.



PSC's graduate Abigail Varney's print for her exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Photography.



Recently we worked alongside PSC's graduate Abigail Varney for her exhibition with Matthew Stanton '23° and Rising' at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP). It’s been a real pleasure to see this work come to life and be a part of the final process of printing. We  enjoy engaging with these various disciplines and practices, and gain so much insight into the work and lives of the photographers we print for.




PSC's third year Bachelor of Photography student Liam Semini with his APPA 2019 prints.


We would like to thank everyone whom we’ve had the chance to work with and that trusted us with their prize running images. Roland Dempster, Mark Harper, Jo Scicluna and Zia Atahi. Also, thanks to all of the students for the ongoing support and curiosity, working with you brings so much life to the place! 


Make sure to check out our Instagram @theprintshop_psc  to follow our daily activities and get snippets of upcoming shows, competitions, student life and lots more!


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