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PSC's first year student Samuel Bond said goodbye to his family's dairy farm in country Victoria , where his main source of inspiration was the internet,  to follow his passion for photography in Melbourne. He talks about his biggest fear starting at a new college, and how studying in a creative environment is opening him up to new experiences and opportunities. 


Samuel pictured left next to his parents and younger siblings on their farm.


Where is your family's dairy farm located?

Taroon is the name of the area that surrounds our farm. Before Ash Wednesday, it used to be a small town, which had a church, school and football field. Now all that's left is a cricket pitch which is located in our padlock, surrounded by cows. Our farm is a very busy place, with calving all year around and the milking of 450 cows twice a day.


Did you have any fears about moving to the city to study photography?

My main fear was that I wouldn't make any friends. But I do get on really well with everyone at Photography Studies College, and it feels like a second family. It’s a fun little place where we're all working towards making our photography dreams a reality.


Photo by Samuel Bond taken on his farm in Taroon


How did your parents feel about you leaving the farm to get a Bachelor of Photography degree?

My parents are very supportive of me and have always guided me to make the right choices. They want me to go out and experience life, and new opportunities. 


How does studying in a uniquely creative environment compare to being on the farm?

Coming from a farm, the only source of inspiration that I had was the internet. Since being at PSC, I have more opportunities to explore galleries and exhibitions –– and to discuss my ideas with teachers, peers and working artists. 


Photo by Samuel Bond at Moomba Festival 2019


Do you feel like you've grown personally and/or creatively since starting your Bachelor of Photography course?

I have learnt so much at PSC, especially camera skills. I've realised that the camera is only a tool, the real photograph comes from within me. 


What genre of photography are you interested in?

I am interested in photojournalism and taking self-portraits. I like to be in front of the camera as well as behind it. I like to perform for the camera and show off my unique side.



Self-portrait by Samuel Bond


How are you finding city living?

Since I've moved to Melbourne, I've grown to love it. It's easy for me to travel around. On weekends, I take the train home to see my family and to help out on the farm, or just to enjoy being in nature. 


What would you like to do once you graduate?

 After PSC, I'm hoping to move New York and get a job at the New York Times.


Samuel Bond taking a photo by the Yarra River.


Would you recommend Photography Studies College to your friends?

If your dream is to study photography at an amazing college, then study at PSC.





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