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Part time first year Advanced Diploma student Oliver Altermatt, won the Dr. Geoffrey Smith Trophy for Best Figure Study 2019 at the Melbourne Camera Club earlier this month. He also featured his work at the 2019 Ilford CCP Salon. Oliver, who is a chef and cafe owner, talks about his trophy winning image, why he got back into photography later in life, and what he's enjoying about his course at PSC.


Image by Oliver Altermatt

Tell us about your Trophy winning image?

The awarded portrait, is of South Sudanese model Bazelika. I photographed her in my photo studio at the Nicholas Building. We first connected because she needed to create a portfolio for her modelling career. Over time, we have developed a trusting and open working relationship. With that in mind, I asked her if she would model for me for the Melbourne Camera Club's competition.


You also won another award from the Camera Club, right?

Yes, a second image of Bazelika taken by me was Highly Commended.


The Trophy winning portrait by Oliver Altermatt

What is your profession?

I am a qualified chef and restauranteur. I own a cafe called Hardware Street Cafe in the city.


Why did you decide to study photography at this time in your life?

I began photographing when I was 12 years-old, and had my own dark room. Then at 20, I sold my Leica camera because I thought that film was over. After that I was using a point and shoot camera on automatic settings for many years. More recently, a photographer friend of mine, inspired me to think about taking my photography to the next level.




Why did you choose Photography Studies College?

I was insecure using a digital camera, and editing using software such as Lightroom and Photoshop. So a friend recommend that I go to Photography Studies College (he is now joining PSC next year). 


What are you enjoying about your first year doing the Advanced Diploma part time?

First of all, the content and structure of the course has been great. Secondly, I really like how the teachers communicate with us, they are very adaptable to every students  level of knowledge. Also I'm amazed at how much I'm learning about composition, using the camera and becoming a more thoughtful photographer.


Image by Oliver Altermatt

What do you plan to do with your photography in the future?

I'm focusing on portrait photography, and I'd like to grow my business Oliver Altermatt Photography from it. That said, I also enjoy street photography and its artistic side.





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