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Giving Graffiti A Second Artistic Life And Finding The Beauty In Its Natural Decay

Posted by Social Media on 27/02/2020 5:45:00 PM

Returning student Stavros Messinis, who's joinig our MA of Photography 2020 progam, has published his latest photobook 'Rebirth'. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, it features photographs of graffiti weathered over time, which he has shot in Melbourne, Europe and China.

Read about why Stavros is drawn to a decaying and ephemeral world, and how he breathes new life into artwork whilst still evoking an emotional response from audiences. 

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Creating New DNA To Connect To Female Victims of Sexual Violence from The Past and Present Via Photography - MA Student Anjella Roessler Explains Her Work

Posted by Social Media on 22/02/2020 5:00:00 PM

Anjella Roessler is a photographer and mixed media artist who has worked in advertising, studio and wedding photography. She is also a current PSC Master of Arts - Photography student. Her research project 'Without Consent' is a sensitive and personal look at women who have been victims of sexual violence from the past and present. Her work involves creating a lumen print (using sunlight and darkroom paper) from plant specimens she extracts from the sites of importance to their stories.

Read about the ritualistic process behind Anjella's work, how she connects with victims of violence through the new DNA she creates from the plants, which she names after the women included in her series. 

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'Go For It, Don't Second Guess Yourself And Follow Your Dreams' Says Bachelor Of Photography Student (And Proud Country Girl) Keoni Simon

Posted by Social Media on 19/02/2020 5:00:00 PM

Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula and at just 23 years old, PSC's second year Bachelor of Photography student Keoni Simon, has done a lot. Straight out of high school, she started a double degree in food and nutrition, and commerce. However she soon left to work in retail where she worked her way up to manager. But the excitement of her new role didn't last and she just couldn't bear to go into work anymore. Now she's starting a new journey by turning her childhood passion for photography into a career.  

Read about what pushed Keoni to finally pursue her life's purpose, why she was second guessing herself when making the BIG decision to return to tertiary education, and how her wedding photography business one the side is taking off.

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Bushfire Art Fundraiser: Over 80 Artists Donate Work Including PSC's Tutors, Graduates And Mentors

Posted by Social Media on 17/02/2020 6:31:03 PM

Over 80 artists are donating their artwork to support the victims of Australia's ongoing bushfire crisis at the art fundraiser 'Small Mercies' from 20-23 February 2020. PSC's Master Of Arts - Photography Course Convenor Dr. Kristian Häggblom, Graduates Darren Tanny Tan and Nathan Larkin, and MA Mentors Siri Hayes and Jessie Boylan are contributing work. All of them briefly share their stories on how the fires affected their friends and family, why it's important for the local arts community to come together as a collective to galvanise action to aid the recovery process, and how an art fundraiser like this can be cathartic for the artists and public.

The huge task of Coordinating the exhibition has been undertaken by artists Tara Gilbee and is supported by Creative Spaces, which is a program of Creative City at the City of Melbourne.

'Small Mercies' opens this Thursday 20 February at 6pm in West Melbourne.

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Changing Course And Shifting Careers: "Why I Wasted No Time Starting A Photography Degree."

Posted by Social Media on 14/02/2020 4:30:00 PM

Instead of sticking it out in a field he no longer felt passionate about, PSC's Bachelor of Photography student, Erhan Tirli, didn't waste any time starting his degree. After a double degree in psychology and eight months working as a social worker, Erhan realised his career was way off track. This was the catalyst for making big life changes. Read about how he's finally turning his passion for photography, which started as a child, into his future profession.

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Korean Story: Graduate Jordan Madge Launches New PhotoBook 'Banana Spider Bite' Tomorrow Night

Posted by Social Media on 13/02/2020 4:30:00 PM

PSC's Bachelor of Photography graduate Jordan Madge's latest photobook documents his partner Whitney over a span of one year during their stay in Korea. It depicts a deep mutual dependence in an isolating environment

Jordan talks about his book's underlying themes of feeling like an outsider in a foreign country, its enigmatic title 'Banana Spider Bite,' and what it was like having his partner as the subject of his new body of work. 

Published by Bad News Books, it will be launched tomorrow 14 February at Perimeter Books in Thornbury from 6-8pm. 

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"I Thought I Could Teach Myself Photography After High SchooL But I Was Wrong!"

Posted by Social Media on 10/02/2020 5:00:00 PM

"After travelling and growing up as a person, I’m ready to do a degree in photography." Jess Hall loved photography, but thought she could go it alone after high school and teach herself. After travelling and realising how much she still needed to learn she enrolled in a Certificate 4 in Photography at PSC and has now signed up for our Bachelor of Photography 2020.

Read about her photography journey from a country town in England and getting support from her family to pursue her passion and studying with us.

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Creeping 'Kebab' Caravans - Masters Student Ahmad Sabra Counters Islamophobia In Australia

Posted by Social Media on 05/02/2020 4:45:00 PM

PSC student Ahmad Sabra arrived in Australia from Lebanon when he was 12-years-old. His mother is ethnically Kurdish and his father is from Syria. Growing up in Melbourne, Arab-Australian Muslim Ahmad says he's had to prove his loyalty to Australia in order to be accepted by society. His current Master of Arts – Photography research project explores Islamophobia through a multimedia exhibition that features his series 'Creeping Caravans' – topographic photographs of Kebab caravans across Melbourne's northern and western suburbs. 

Read about Ahmad's work that highlights the absurdity of claims made against Muslim Australians, why he decided to do his MA at PSC, and his current major exhibition 'Invisible Frontiers' at Broadmeadows Town-Hall. 

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Documenting St. Kilda's Studio 106 Artists On Film And Stills For An Upcoming Group Exhibition In Collaboration With The City Of Port Phillip

Posted by Social Media on 03/02/2020 1:30:00 PM

PSC's Part Time Advanced Diploma student Lou Chen over the span of one year has documented the visual artists from Artist's Studio 106 in St. Kilda. She has captured their lives and work on film and photographs. Read about Lou's work, her collaboration with and grant from the City Of Port Phillip for the upcoming group exhibition, and the amazing local artists she has chronicled and will be exhibiting with.

Lou's group exhibition 'Chronicle 106 - Louise Chen and Studio 106 Artists' will open at The Carlisle Street Arts Space at St. Kilda Town Hall on 6 February from 6-8pm.

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High-Tech Voyeurism In South Korea Has Created Fear And Paranoia Among Women – And Is The Subject Of Graduate Whitney Arlana's Upcoming Exhibition.

Posted by Social Media on 30/01/2020 5:00:00 PM

PSC's Bachelor of Photography graduate Whitney Arlana moved to South Korea in 2018. Once there, she soon learned about South Korea's illegal sex cam racket. Sexual predators place tiny cameras in toilets or changing rooms to record women in their most private moments. These videos are then streamed online for big money. 

In her photography exhibition 'The Screw of a Door's Latch', Whitney chooses to explore the psychological ramifications of these digital sex crimes on women and their daily lives. It's a timely topic, as the country's first spy-cam related suicide was reported in September last year. 

Whitney talks about her own experience, the solidarity of women in a society that appears to dismiss their palpable fear as irrational or an overreaction. She also explains the process behind her almost forensic style work – highlighting the insidious nature of this epidemic, and how it can slowly push potential victims to breaking point.

Whitney's show opens at Seventh Gallery on 5 February at 6pm.

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